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Middel age exhibition in Suhmhuset, Trondheim.
System with eight speakers with "moving sounds" controlled by our DVC . 17 static channels distributed over 45 hidden speakers. The sound material is recorded and edited, together with Bertil Palmar Johansen. On the picture you see the "street" where 8 hidden speakers are mounted. DVC routes sounds to these speakers. You can hear people walk around you, birds, cows etc.

Museet på låven, Ringve Museum
Design, development and installation. Consists of four interactive stations with musical instruments and related sounds. Furthermore six theme-zones/stations with sounds and light, which leads the audience through the exhibition. The stations are activated in sequence or controlled in real time by the guide. A Mac with DVC controls the system.

Realfagsbygget i Trondheim, NTNU
Soundscape Studios has together with Arne Nordheim, Carl Nesjar and Sigurd Saue, made a Sound system with 24 "moveable" sound channels The movement of the sounds is determined by amongst others the number of people in the building, weather and light conditions, birthday of famous composers etc. Neon sculptures are also controlled by the same system.

Trøndelag folkemuseum, Sverresborg
Interactive sound system made for children. There are talking stones, vibrating floors(stage mover) etc. Together with Ljusdesign we have made multimedia show with video, audio and light. The audience is placed in a row of seats which rotates 360 degrees. The sound is a 8 channel audio system programmed to follow the movement of the audience.

Ivar Aasen-Tunet, Ørsta
Sverre Fehn, a famous Norwegian architect has designed this beautiful building. Together with Arne Nordheim and Sigurd Saue, we designed a 16 channels audio system in a room. The sound follows the audience as they walk around. Depending on how the walk the sound will alter in pitch, durabilty etc. We use an Imac with realtime video analyzing software. The results is converted to MIDI and a PC does all the audio transformation. The sound is moving around by our own sound matrix, the DVC.

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