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Products : Sensors

Sensopede has intelligent, small, tough and smart sensors. Put one to work for you!

The IRFlyTM ranging sensor has a 39" (1m) range regardless of ambient light or colour of object. The IRFly ranging sensor offers you smart, accurate range detection. Unlike many infrared-based sensors, it's completely unaffected by other light or heat sources - even the Sun -- and works with any colour object. Use the IRFly's output to create more interactive performances, control lighting, enhance security systems, automate processes - just about anything!

The GoFlyTM goes beyond simple motion detectors, it determines how much movement there is! With the GoFly monitoring an area you'll know how much motion activity there is in a room. Sensitive to the movement of heat sources - humans - the GoFly synthesizes motion into motion "amplitude" in real-time . User-adjustable variables allow you to customize the sensor's response for your application.

The GoFlyT and the IRFlyT
Standard 0-5V analog output makes it
electrically compatible with many popular
analog-conversion devices currently on the
market. Such as Beehive Technologies'
ADB I/O, Infusion Systems' I-Cube
System, and Parallax's Basic Stamp