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Services : Interactive Solutions

Interactive installations and sensor technology give the audience a possibility to affect the content of their experience. This is done by various sensors place in the installation space, registering movement, temperature, lights conditions etc. Information from these sensors is used for sending steering signals to a computer controlling the installation. The degree of the audience's influence on the installation may vary, from a simple start/stop functionality to a complete re-organizing of the information structure. The use of gesture sensors makes for alternate ways of controlling electronic media. Controllable media may be audio, video, lights, image projection etc.

One simple example is putting a weight sensitive mat at the entrance of an exhibition, letting this mat send a start signal to an audio player unit.This type of technology is oftentimes called virtual instruments.
Examples of sensors to be used:

  • Distance sensors
  • Weight sensors
  • Muscle-activity sensors
  • Trigger-microphones
  • Light sensitive sensors
  • Sensing gloves
  • Touch pads

Virtual instruments
They can give musicians and dancers
a possibility to control audio, lights and
video through their movements on stage